Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yet More Distractions

The worst part of Proposition 8 being upheld is now we are in for even more distractions from issues which really are much more important and effect us all, not just those who are able to or choose to get married, or whose relationships fit that which the state defines as legal. In spite of what many would have us believe, marriage is not nor should it be the main issue of our community (whatever that is).

What about health-care for everyone? Universal health-care is something that is not even being discussed in Washington.

What about the deplorable treatment of prisoners, the unfair system of laws which results in the incarceration of far to many, and the deplorable shape of our schools?

What about Wall Streets hold over Washington? How about privatizing risk and socializing profits for a change?

Someone earlier told me that these were not gay rights issues, they were socialists issues, and I must just hate marriage. These are issues that are all of our issues. I am gay, but that is only a part of who I am. We talk of inclusivity, but what we practice by focusing on the marriage issue, to my mind, is exclusion.

Marriage for far to long has been held up as the solution to a host of problems, visitation rights, adoption rights, health-care, immigration rights. By extending such legitimacy to the fight for marriage we are closing off avenues to securing these rights for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.
Marriage is NOT the answer to all of societies ills.

Eric (aka tree4yew) said...

Very good point. Marriage laws are a sliver of our quality of life. How do we make change everyday towards a more socially just community? There are certainly multiple ways to approach this, changing the laws is just one of them. Educating people you know at work, around town, family, friends, readers of this blog... is a really awesome instrument for positive change. You have a great positive spirit. Thanks for sharing it!