Monday, January 24, 2011

After School Nudity in the Castro.

So I came out of MUNI at Harvey Milk Plaza after my first day of classes. I stopped by the benches to remove my clothing, as the weather was mighty fine. Once my clothing was off and I was preparing to walk home, I heard a mans voice loudly proclaim, "You forgot your clothes." Looking up, I saw a man in a black business suit staring at me. "I replied, "No, I did not." "Well, thanks for gracing us with your presence," he responded, staring at me. I said, "You are welcome," as he headed down into the MUNI station.

I had the sense, from the inflection in his voice while making his statements, that his commentary was not all that approving but I am not really sure. I do know I received a few disapproving glares from men while walking home, and a few friendly nods as well.

On to naked homework!


Star7 said...

Well when I saw you on the sidewalk, me and my partner smiled. We love to see you walking home au naturel...


woody said...


I love to oblige. You and your partner should join in sometime :)