Monday, February 7, 2011

On being naked.

Today one person told me it was certainly a great day to be naked, one person told me he was glad to see me out and about, one person called me an asshole, one person told me he certainly hoped we could be persuaded to stop doing this because it just wasn't right, and a black man told me it was only my white male entitlement which allowed me to go around naked.

More to follow . . .


Anonymous said...

Cheers! It was really refreshing to read and see what you and some others are doing in SF to extend freedom particularly after discovering that the freedom to be nude in Barcelona has been withdrawn a few days ago.

Nudity is a basic human right and that includes in public if nudists believe in themselves. I'm in Oz and I enjoyed being nude on the street a few years ago in SF but that was at a time of Castro Fair. It's great if the freedom extends beyond fair times. If people get used to seeing nudists around and nudists basically behave themselves (there are supposed to have been a few problems in Barcelona which haven't helped) then I think it can gradually be accepted.
But it's a pity that gays and queers aren't supportive enough of gay/queer nudists - or not in my experience. I keep complaining that Sydney Gay Nudists aren't nude for the gay parade. I once went nude at parade but for the Naked Bike Ride people which was silly. Anyway, I won't make this longer here but I'll be looking in at what's going on in good old SF and may write some more thoughts later.

Mia said...

And I bet they were all grateful to be living in a place with such nice weather in February.

Naked Kevin said...

I can't wait for the warm weather so I can post the reactions I get. I have always had positive reactions, with some not so pleased, but never have felt threatened in any way.

In the Mission the men cover their wife's eyes and throw dirty looks.

I hear "hey naked guy!" and horns blowing a lot but ignore them all.

I ignore my paparazzi, those annoying photographers who follow me down the street.

I like getting the thumbs up and smiles. That's the reaction I see the most.

One man chatted me up on 17th and Noe one day last year and he said what everyone says. You got b#lls wish I had your guts.

In the summer I have gone for up to 2 weeks naked. Looking forward to an early spring. Fingers Crossed.