Thursday, May 12, 2011

Naked Errands and a Confrontation

I just got home from running some naked errands in my neighborhood. As I was unlocking my front door a very young man in dirty painter's work clothing came running up behind me asking me why I did this everyday? Rather then allowing me to answer he went on to say, "I know this is San Francisco, and you do this because you are waiting for someone to attack you. Then you can crucify them." I said, rather taken aback, that was not why I was doing this. "Okay, then why are you doing it?", he asked. Before I could answer he told me that I should at least respect little children, that a lot of his friends have little children and they told him they are very upset with me walking past them and they don't believe their children should have to be exposed to something harmful like that." I told him it only was harmful to little children because their parents teach them it is harmful. "Alright, alright" he responded, "I thought you would say something like that. But why do you have to do it." I said I thought it was obvious that he wasn't really interested in hearing why I did it, because every time I tried to explain to him he interrupted me with a monologue of his own as to his preconceived notions as to why I was doing it, at which point he allowed me to tell him my reasons: that our bodies are natural, not shameful, that body-shame is taught and is nothing but self-hatred, they our bodies do not always equal the sexual, that on a nice day like today it feels good, that our bodies are beautiful and do not hurt anyone. "I bet you wouldn't do this in the Mission," was his response as he walked away, still visibly angry.


Unknown said...

Woody goes to show the efect of the loud minority. You can be assured your have it right. You do not have a problem, he does. I fee happy for you but even though I disagree with him. He has the problem. Hope one day he will see the light. In his mind he was doing society a favor, instead he only help that loud minority gain more strength. Keep it up for I truly admire you. In a sense worship you.

Star7 said...

Woody, Woody, Woody. I am so sorry that that idiot wanted to try and mar your good day. But there is always some darn person in the way of truth and better behavior. You are always so kind and open to people with questions. even though he wasn't letting you explain you still waited for him to finish.
I hope he doesn't try and talk to you again. I bet he doesn't have friends with kids around only in his sad little mind.
Walk on Woody, Walk on!