Monday, June 27, 2011

SF Pride Finally "Work Safe"

So being Tame and Settled Down, i.e., less leather daddies and disco divas, more real police instead of "Village People Fetishists," is being "Grown-Up" according to the SF Chronicle! "So tame, in fact, one would think it had finally settled down and gotten married!"
How revolting! How assimilationist! How Heterocentric/Homophobic!


Roger Poladopoulos said...

Is our movement aging gracefully or are we all just too tired?

Paul Thomason said...

Reminds of of when I lived in Santa Cruz a decade ago and the culmination of the Gay Pride March was a "Mad, Tantric Erotic Ball." Well, I was delighted at the thought--until I saw right underneath that banner the words, "Rmember, this is an inclusive celebration for the whole family. We welcome everyone. So keep your attire and actions child-friendly."

Somehow they forgot to ask Jerry Falwell to give the opening invocation.