Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In and Out and Back in Disguise.

Leaving the house early for school today so I could grab some lunch, I decided to get dressed as the weather seemed a little threatening. I realized I had a message on my phone from my buddy NakedKevin, so I called him. Of course I asked him if he was "in disguise." He replied that he was not and we made arrangements to meet. He inspired me to remove my disguise and continue my journey naked. One man exclaimed "Right on brother." Two women, one pushing the other in a wheelchair, saw me and started laughing and hollowing hysterically. One man asked me if this was go nude day. I replied, "Yes, it was." He said, "Going around like that is a good way to get yourself killed." I'm not sure if that was advice, a warning, or a threat. I failed to meet up with NakedKevin, but I did get to meet this lovely man named Will from Santa Rosa.

When I returned from school the weather had definitely changed. It was now much cooler and windy and felt like it could rain at any moment. I ran my remaining errands in disguise and then I spotted this on the light pole next to the Plaza where the nudists have been lounging.

Things are looking up.


Carl said...

Nice posting. Nice photo. Lets dance. smile Naked of course.

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Naked is the only way to dance! The weather may tamper our nudity but dancing naked liberates our souls.

seemencum said...

Thank you Woody for doing what you're doing to help keep nudity legal! Real men are not afraid of being nude in public! (and it doesn't hurt that you're easy on the eyes.)

Anonymous said...

Hello. This picture is great. I see that it is popping up in Naked Riders and Public Nudity blog under a title "Homless Oldermen". In checking it out, it looks like sites in Turkey or somewhere East have sent it out with this title on it. Their English is bad, so they might mean "outside" instead of "homeless" as we know it.

The guy does not look homeless to me. Even if he were the internet is forever, is derogatory to Americans, and it makes it look like homeless guys hangout naked at the park. I dunno how one rights that wrong. Is there a process from blogger, and in Tumblr where I have seen it? I wrote an email to two of the posters, but now see how many more have forwarded it.

I have loads of pictures naked of me riding my bike and in parades naked, hanging out at the beach, etc and would not want any to say "Homeless Old Guy" on them about me.

Your Stimulus Package (Seattle)

Anonymous said...

I ben studying your blog.... I like what your doing to keep nudity going... I am also a senior male nudist and you got my vote for sure...