Friday, March 30, 2012

Knitta Please in the Castro

I've noticed the appearance of these pole cozies at the intersection of 18th and Castro Streets.
I kept waiting for the other poles to become "cozied." Then my friend, Kelly, told me about this. Fascinating!


NaturalMike said...

good one woody, there have been some in brighton over here i believe, funny to dress up a pole and you naked! Stay bare!

Naked Kevin said...

If you go down 16th street just past the Harvey Milk library, past Ike's, the poles are wrapped in some sort of tree bark.
Two comments for you on this:
1 isn't it strange that you like dressed poles but don't like to be dressed yourself?
2 I think it is illegal to wrap the poles in San Francisco. Something about defacing city property I think. I know for sure that posting flyers on them will net the posting party a fine. DPW removes them I have seen it. I eluded think the same would go for your "cozy" poles.