Friday, March 1, 2013

Body Freedom Dance Performance, Wednesday February 27, 2013

 On Wednesday February 27, 2013, at noon, Gypsy Taub, George Davis, and myself engaged in a public nude dance performance at Harvey Milk Plaza. According to Judge Edward Chen, who refused to bloc the nudity ban because "nudity in and of itself is not inherently expressive" also said that nude dancing would be considered protected speech under the first amendment. All three of us were cited for public nudity, Gypsy Taub and George Davis were arrested for refusing to sign their citations, although at the time I was informed by an officer that I would be arrested if I did not put something on after receiving my citation, which I chose to do. All three of us are planning on pleading not guilty at our arraignment.
The naked human body is natural, harms no one, and should not be illegal.

Photo courtesy of Mikal.

Photo courtesy of BNIP 

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