Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the 1927 Victrola 2-60 Portable Phonograph

"In distinction of appearance, in completeness of equipment, and in musical performance, the new portable Victrola Number Two-Sixty is the most remarkable portable instrument ever offered to the public," so read Victor's add copy for the VV 2-60.

Victor had introduced electrical recording only two year prior, in 1925. While the older acoustically recorded records could be played on the new Orthophonic Victrolas, the newer electrical recordings had serious acoustic shortcomings when played on the older acoustic equipment. As a crossover solution, Victor introduced the Vtla # 4 soundbox, which is essentially an acoustic soundbox with a much larger diaphragm, 2 inches in diameter compared to 1 1/2 inches for the previous #2 soundbox, which played both acoustic and electric recordings remarkably well.

Unfortunately, like many Victor products of this period, the diaphragm was made from pot metal which becomes compromised as it ages, tending to crack and crumble. Not many have survived. The Victrola 2-60 had a production run of only two years with Victor records showing total shipments of 59,239 units.

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