Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage

I was at the LGBT Center last evening and saw the congratulatory celebration of the CA Supreme Court's historic decision (I was there to attend my San Francisco City College "AIDS in America" class). While there I too was infected with the sense of accomplishment, hope, and joy the crowd was feeling. At the same time, I asked myself the same questions I have been asking for the last number of years, Who decided that Gay Marriage was the "community's" main priority? Who decided that marriage equity is what everyone in the community wants? And most importantly, WHY DON'T WE HAVE A CURE FOR AIDS?

By seeking to be included in marriage we are buying into the a structure which elevates a specific group of people over others and gives them special rights not given to everyone. It boggles my mind that we as Queer people can not see this. Why are we not fighting for universal health care, open borders, the right to form a family anyway one chooses, guaranteed housing for everyone, guaranteed food for everyone. What ever happened to our VISION?

Too much money has been made for too long by AIDS Inc in perpetuating this pandemic. There is no profit in finding a cure or a vaccine while so much money is still being made by the AIDS industry. We who are lucky enough to have insurance or live here in "the bubble" can take our cocktails, be concerned, but basically are in denial and are living in a pseudo post-AIDS world.

Where is our ANGER?

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