Monday, March 14, 2011

Health Reform, Two Centuries Views.

"the air bath, as Dr.Franklin calls it, is exceedingly salutary to every one in health, and almost to every invalid. If the whole skin may be considered a breathing organ, then it should not only be kept clean, but for its own health and vigor, and the health and vigor of the whole system, it should be permitted to receive the full ...and free embrace of the pure air -- in short, all the physiological and physcological properties, powers and interests of the human constitution would be better sustained, as a permanent fact, from generation to generation, by entire nudity, than by the use of any kind of clothing. Strictly speaking, therefore, all clothing is in itself considered, in some measure, an evil."
Sylvester Graham. "Bathing, Air, and Clothing," from Graham's Science of Human Life. Water Cure Journal; 1 Jun. 1847; 3, 11.


Carl said...

I remember the old Charles Aglas fitness courses which stressed working out nude and letting the skin breath.

Dusty said...

This quote is great. I still pretend I'm a naked prince battling the evil clothes monster.

Anonymous said...

The air Bath treatment sure work for me.... Since I been a senior nudist my jock itch, is gone....I sleep naked too. Plus I feel more relax and all...Plus I dont have to worry about my penis getting caught too.