Saturday, March 12, 2011

Naked After Work

It was lovely being naked after work today. I walked down to Harvey Milk Library, picked up a book asnd then walked home through the Castro naked. Going up 18th Street, two blocks from my house, a police officer in a cruiser stopped me and asked me if the police have talked with me before. I responded that they had. He asked me what they told me. I told him what their usual line is, about getting a complaint, and that they know it is not illegal but if the person wants to sign a complaint, blah, blah. He said, that is right. He indicated that a women flagged him over to complain about me and said she would be willing to sign a complaint. He then asked me were I lived. I indicated right up the street. He said he would go talk to her. I asked him if he was planning on explaining to her that what I was doing was not illegal. He said that yes he would. He left and I continued my walk home, naked.


Carl said...

Nice day I am sure. To me very well done.

Anonymous said...

Always someone trying to spoil the day.

Carl said...

I would like to join you guys some day - I think I could learn a lot about how to deal with folks' responses and how to have non-combative interactions with the police. See you around!