Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How can we deal with the media?

Stanley Roberts interviewed some fellow nudists and me yesterday. It wasn't until he was almost finished that he revealed who he was, and what his "news" segment was called, "People Behaving Badly." Of course, with a name like, "People Behaving Badly," I suspected he would not be unbiased in his coverage, but I did think he would at least include some of our side of the story. None of the footage he shot of us nudists speaking about why we were doing this or our ideas of body freedom and body acceptance made it into the report. The only nudist he included speaking was of course the bigoted jerk yelling at him. If it bleeds, it leads. It is also unfortunate that he must end with the bigoted comment, and his agreement to it, that only certain people should be seen nude


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