Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer's Closing Thoughts

In this summer-break's last week before the beginning of the fall school semester, the weather has become nudist unfriendly -- cool and overcast. So I will take this opportunity to post some photos from happier, sunnier days of this past summer. I am happy to report that I spent a great deal of time out and about, naked, on the streets of my neighborhood this past summer. I am also happy to say that, for the most part, people seem to have gotten over their initial shock of seeing us nudists on the street. Sure, I still get the occasional negative comment, but I am also getting more and more positive comments or, best of all, no reaction at all as though public nudity is perfectly normal, which it should be. I am also happy to report that my beliefs about the rightness of what I am doing, my right to be naked in public, the idea that I am doing nothing wrong or shameful or obscene (yes, learned western cultural values are hard to overcome) has become stronger and stronger within me.

This coming semester I will be taking one class, United States history from 1877 until 1916 and one seminar, Crisis and Conflict in Germany - 1900. This will be my final semester as an undergrad, I will be graduating next spring with a BA in history. I am looking forward to the fall and new learning experiences.


gunnswilde said...

Weather... the inevitable nemesis of total nude living. Either too cool or wet, as you are experiencing, or too bloody hot and dry, as we nudists in Texas are enduring now. While 107 in the shade would seem very nude-friendly, one can tolerate it for only brief periods at a time, and then we must run for cover. At least we can stay nude indoors.

Roger Poladopoulos said...

Enjoy the outdoor nudity as long as you can! Best wishes on your final class before you graduate!